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The Spicy Lamb Farm Celebrates the Abundance of Life with Local Food, Fiber, and Fun

The Spicy Lamb Farm welcomes you to come out and learn more about sustainable farming and environmental stewardship. The farm is a scenic and peaceful place to visit throughout the year.

We raise Dorset sheep, have an orchard with organic varieties of apples, pears, and plums, along with a spicy herb/vegetable garden on this Cuyahoga Valley National Park Conservancy farm. We invite you to enjoy our gourmet lamb, fruit, and spices, visit our shop for an assortment of wool blankets, yarns, roving, and fiber crafts. In addition to farming activities, The Spicy Lamb Farm provides agtourism opportunities for visitors.

Barn News

The Spicy Lamb Farm is once again open for its annual Spring Events. Work clearing the area where the barn burned to the ground on March 4th, 2014 is wrapped up. Laura DeYoung, owner and operator of The Spicy Lamb Farm, plans to continue to farm and rebuild the barn with the approval of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. An architect has been hired to help create plans for the barn and an Amish crew that can build it has been found. The DeYoung family has been deeply moved by all your support and how much everyone loves to visit the farm.

For those who want to help with the rebuilding of the barn, contributions can be made at GoFundMe: You can also show your support by signing in at:

The Spicy Lamb Farm wants to give special thanks to all of you for your support and positive communications in this time of rebirth. We have been deeply moved by all your support – it is wonderful to know that the farm has so many supporters, and that so many of you love the farm as much as we do. Once all is in order, our plan, with the park’s permission, is to continue to farm and to rebuild the barn. We have put our life savings into this venture, it is a privilege to live and farm in the CVNP, and it is an experience that we look forward to continuing to share with you for many years.